Boulder Crashes Into Car Nearly Killing 2 Men

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ATTLEBORO, MA. (CNN) - Imagine driving down the highway.  And out of nowhere, a boulder comes crashing through your windshield.   Sounds like something out of movie...

But it happened in real life, to two Massachusetts men on a business trip in Arizona.
Jennifer Mobilia has the story.

Peter Wilson says he and his 74-year-old business partner are lucky to be alive. And after seeing these pictures -- you'll probably agree with him.   

"There was a sign back a mile that said look out for rocks. But we did not expect that a falling 150-pound boulder would come out of the cliff, and actually fall directly on us."

The two men were in Arizona last month on business when they decided to do some sightseeing. But their sightseeing trip through Oak Creek canyon nearly killed them when this massive boulder crashed through their front windshield.  

"Out of nowhere, a huge explosion. White glass coming right at us. Did not know what happened. Ummm. Basically, like an explosion. "

Amazingly, the boulder landed in between the two men, then rolled onto Wilson’s co-worker's lap. Both men only suffered minor cuts. The rental car, on the other hand, didn't fare so well.   

"Came Right Square through the windshield. It didn't hit the hood. It didn't hit the top of the SUV. It went square through the glass, and hit the dashboard, and that's what saved us."