Akin’s Shadow Hangs Over Missouri Delegation At GOP Convention

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TAMPA, FL. (KTVI) - After losing a day because of Tropical Storm Issac.  The grand old party is trying to build momentum and unity as its delayed convention gets underway Tuesday.  Fox2`s Paul Schankman is the only St. Louis television reporter at the convention and he has more from Tampa.

Building momentum should be easy; the delegates here are revved up, after having to hold for a day because of the weather.  But there is some question about unity when it comes to Missouri’s delegation.  That`s because the Todd Akin matter.  As some here have taken to calling it, still matters to the national media and that has kept the story going.

And of course, the candidate is still going too ignoring calls from party leaders to quit the race.

But remember, he won the election by getting the most votes and some of those Missourians are still loudly supporting him at the grass roots level.  And they think that grass is going to keep growing.

He is going to get the money from the grass roots and as soon as that starts pouring in more of it will come back from the party and that is the key, it is time for the party to listen to the people and stand, we don`t throw our candidates under the bus because they misspeak.

Other delegates from around the country have asked for stickers for themselves, they`ve supported us, they`ve told us that we have their prayers and their encouragement and we are very thankful for their support.  Down, but not out? Absolutely the case.

Going into this convention, some were worried not only about the weather, but about the effect the Todd Akin controversy would have on this convention.

But former senator Kit Bond told me he`s more concerned about the effect it will have on next week`s convention, where the democrats have their say and he expects they will have a lot to say about Todd Akin.

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