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Missouri Republicans Hit With Akin Questions At RNC

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TAMPA, FL (KTVI)-- As the republicans get ready to open their shortened convention in Tampa, the focus is to stay on message about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

But another name keeps coming up and many in the Missouri delegation would love for it to stop.

Missouri republicans were not sure what to expect from the weather when they got here. But they were pretty sure what to expect from the media and they were right, lots of questions about Todd Akin.

Much to their dismay there is still a good deal of attention being paid to the senate campaign of Akin.

Ever since he decided to lash himself to the mast and sail on despite his offensive remarks about rape on FOX 2`s Jaco Report.

Party leaders from Missouri have taken to referring to the fallout as a distraction.

But at least one person at the convention is finding reason to celebrate the attention being heaped on Todd Akin.

“Here on Florida we are very grateful for Senator Akin because here in Florida it is usually our state that manages to screw up the presidential election one way or another and now it is you guys... thank you, thanks Missouri. We’re taking the heat? You are so far and good for you,” said humorist Dave Barry.

Well Barry`s comments notwithstanding. The Akin matter has some very serious implications for Missouri politics because it could affect other GOP candidates including Mitt Romney and because it is also causing a division within the delegation itself.

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