RNC Resumes After Delayed By Hurricane Isaac

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TAMPA, FL (KTVI)-- Republican National Convention activities are in full swing after Isaac forced a one day delay.

As the hurricane now moves away from Florida and up the gulf coast the Republican National Convention can go on as planned.

For better or worse we came to the Republican National Convention with a very specific purpose in mind to report mostly on the impact of the Todd Akin mess on the party itself after all this national  controversy started in our St. Louis studio.

Republicans are hoping here in Tampa is where it ends.

It was clear from all the utility trucks we saw heading south as early as Saturday and as far north as Carbondale that the republicans in Tampa were going to be competing for attention with a storm called Isaac.

Even the Missouri delegation`s hotel was prepared for something huge.

But what we found when we got to Tampa was a different tempest brewing. This storm, the political disaster that began a week earlier with Todd Akin`s explosive comments about rape and the continuous mea culpa loop that followed.

By the eve of the convention, leaders of the Missouri GOP were trying to characterize and minimize the disaster by using a different 'D' word.

With the media`s attention or some might argue obsession with the Akin controversy. It was clear the threat to the GOP was knocked off message. So the strategy seemed became politely answer the questions then pivot.

Still at the start of the convention the elephant in the room is clearly Todd Akin splitting the Missouri delegation between those who are pressuring him to quit. And his rock ribbed supporters begging him to stay leading some to very different interpretations of the landscape.

While the Akin matter has divided delegates there seems to be unity about how it has been handled nationally.

Show Me staters don`t like being shown by others what to do.

Despite the Akin mess delegates seem confident once the hoopla starts they`ll get back to their bigger mission.

After all they say an elephant never forgets.

And that marquee event tonight includes two very familiar convention traditions a roll call vote to make Romney the official nominee and then a speech by his wife to explain why she thinks he should be the next president.

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