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Hacker Group Says It Stole 12 Million Apple Device IDs from FBI

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(KTVI) - There are reports that a hacker group is claiming to have stolen 12 million Apple device identification numbers and one of them could be yours.   According to and the, the group known as AntiSec got the ids of millions of Apple iPhone and iPad users by breaching an FBI computer.

The Annonymous hacker group put out this tweet,  "12,000,000 identified and tracked iOS devices. thanks FBI SSA Christopher Stangl.

They released one million IDs on Monday as proof on a website called, but to see the list, users must download a file and follow an encryption process.  It mainly lists device ids and types. 

The group also claims that some devices on the list contain names, telephone numbers, addresses and zip codes, making the list a privacy concern.  It is unclear what exactly why hackers released the information or what they could do with it.

Late Tuesday morning, Twitter searches for "FBI" and "ID" were trending as word of the alleged released hit social media.

Earlier this year, Apple stopped allowing new iOS apps to track UDID's, according to Mashable. 

To check to see if your Apple ID has been leaked, you can check here and follow the instructions.