St. Louis Citizens Taking Back Their Neighborhoods

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ST. LOUIS,MO (KTVI)-- City leaders are taking another step in helping citizens take back their neighborhoods.

It’s all part of their Neighborhood Ownership Model to get more people involved.

Two men were killed in downtown St. Louis over that last 2 weeks. Two examples of crime police and active neighborhoods are trying to prevent.

Wednesday night’s shooting death of a man near Hadley and Convention Plaza downtown is another example of what police are batting in St. Louis city.

Now city police are looking at other ways to help ease the pressure. Citizens across the metro are taking back their neighborhoods.

It`s all part of the Neighborhood Ownership Model. A program designed to get citizens involved to deter crime where they live. Alderman President Lewis Reed is launching a nonprofit campaign to raise money to fund a central hub for community groups to streamline activities.
“We are raising $150,000 so that in every neighborhood, everyone who would like have will have it,” said Alderman Reed.

“'It would help get supplies for volunteers, materials they need to patrol their area, it can pay for phones for liaison officers if they need cell phones,” said Neighborhood Ownership Model creator Michael Petetit

Community leaders are working with police and the circuit attorney’s office to make the program more successful and reduce crime in hotspots.

“We need to get out of the business of creating victims and into the business of creating safe neighborhoods,” said Reed.

Right now Reed says the financial goal is set. So far corporate organizations and others have donated 2/3 of the cash to jumpstart the efforts. Efforts needed to help keep the streets and citizens of St. Louis city safe.

We`re told more than 1,000 people and 12 neighborhoods enrolled in the NOM program across the city.