Bus Cams Could Catch School Bus Stop Violators

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CHESTERFIELD, MO. (KTVI) – The Parkway School District unveiled their new bus surveillance cameras, but not just any camera; it can catch drivers who don't obey the rules of the road when buses put out their stop signs.  They want to make sure drivers stop for their kids. District Transportation Director Will Rosa says it’s important to let the public know they have more eyes on the roads.

"Of the fatalities there is a large percentage of fatalities that occur when students are crossing in front of the bus we're hopeful that this will deter any anybody from wanting to do that knowing that we have a camera. “said Rosa.

It’s the first year for the digital cameras, there are 12 cameras installed out of the 148 buses so far. The cost is about $180 each, a small tally compared to the $70,000 bus price tag. It's an addition to the multiple camera systems already installed on the buses. Parents like Angela Delay agree.

"I think it’s wonderful because people always dropping their kids off early we're rushing students are rushing it’s great because it lets people know they need to be careful while they are driving." said delay

If drivers don't stop the plates and car are caught on camera and the digital video is sent to local police who track down the violators.

District officials say they turned in 55 stop arm violators last year and they hope this new idea is another way help keep roads safer for both students and drivers.

"It’s very much about the safety of the kids and we believe that it will make a difference." said Rosa.