St. Louis Police Chief Isom May Retire To Join UMSL

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Sources tell Fox 2 that St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom will "probably" be resigning sometime in the next few weeks to join the faculty of the University of Missouri-St. Louis in their Department of Criminology. Isom, who has been Chief since October of 2008, holds a PhD in criminology from UMSL. While Isom refuses to either confirm or deny the report, City Hall sources say they expect Isom's resignation to be handed in sometime " the next two weeks."


Isom, who has been with the St. Louis Police Department for 24 years, has come under increased pressure from Mayor Francis Slay in the past few months over the sudden rise in violent gun crimes in the city in 2012. Sources say Isom "...isn't comfortable" with that kind of pressure, and feared that it would only increase once City Hall gains full control of the police department. That's expected in July, 2013, if Missouri voters--as seems likely--approve the transfer of control from the state of Missouri to the city of St. Louis.


Reports of Isom's new job first surfaced in articles in The Evening Whirl, a St. Louis weekly newspaper that focuses on crime and the African-American community. When asked Tuesday by Fox 2 about the persistent reports, Chief Isom would only say "I'm focused on my job here today and that's what i'm focused on. and I'm going to continue to do that, so you know i really wouldn't want to talk about anything concerning that."

When asked whether that means he is staying on as police chief, Isom would only say ,"What I've said is I'm working right now on all these issues and that's what I'm going to do."

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