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LOS ANGELES, CA (KTLA) - This month, "Rich’s Favorite Things" will keep you connected and entertained! We found a talking stuffed animal your kids will love, an internet radio that lets you tune in thousands of stations from around the world and more.

Let's start with the stuffed animal inspired by the popular app, Talking Tom. Just like the app, Talking Tom and Talking Ben feature fun sounds that will keep your kids entertained for hours. They also repeat everything you say. Loads of fun starting at about $35.

Ultimate Ears Smart Radio from Logitech makes its easy to listen to internet radio. You can connect to Spotify, Pandora, and radio stations from around the world without a computer. It has a built in battery so you can take it on the go and listen to your tunes anywhere there’s WiFi. Ultimate Ears Smart Radio is $180.

Also from Logitec, The TV Cam HD makes your long distance friends feel closer. The device lets you video chat with them on your big screen with an HD camera. In our test, setup was a breeze and picture and sound is about what you would expect from a Skype call on your computer.

On some TV’s it can even change the input automatically when a call comes in. The TV Cam HD is $200.

The iPhone 5 was an easy pick. It's Apple’s best yet and you will appreciate the fast 4G-LTE speeds. It’s also the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever. With a new contract the iPhone 5 starts at $199. Just beware, the Maps app is not as good as the former app powered by Google Maps. But you will get turn-by-turn navigation, which is useful for getting around by car.

Finally, Braven’s 625-S Bluetooth speaker has some features others don’t. It's rugged and meant to handle the outdoors - it comes with a water resistant bag and a USB flash light. You can also use its battery to charge your smartphone. Braven 625-S is $180.

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There you have it - Rich's Favorite Things for the month of September. Enjoy!

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