Storm Causes Damage in Webster Groves

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KTVI)-- Strong storms rip through Webster Groves causing damage on Tuesday when the sun went down the storms rolled in.

Ed Jones says the tree next door came close to crashing through his front door on Big Bend in Webster Groves.

 “I felt relieved that it really didn`t do any damage to my house. Once I realized it was that tree if it had moved over a little it could`ve left some damage,” said Jones.

Strong winds and rain left many with damage to homes and trees. The older trees some between 70 to 100 years old couldn`t take the force of the storm. The crew working in Webster Groves says they had at least 20 calls in Webster, Ladue and Kirkwood in the last 24 hours. Another crew on Alagonquin had to work with care because nearby wires were live.

 “This tree actually reaches completely over the house to the other side. Completely over the deck,” said Chris Canini with Gamma Tree Service.

While crews spent their day chopping up huge chunks of trees, Joe Wilp finds ways to recycle them.

 “This is just going to be wood mulch or whatever but the larger logs will be sues to make furniture pallets,” said Wilp.

Now there’s nothing left to do but clean-up after storm that wreaked havoc on homeowners and their property.

Crews also say they had to inspect the home to make sure it was safe for family members to return.