Surveying The Aftermath Of Okawville, IL Tornado

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OKAWVILLE, IL (KTVI) – Residents in Okawville, Illinois are picking up the pieces after a tornado tore through parts of the town 90 minutes east of St. Louis. A firefighter captured the twister on camera around 5:30pm Tuesday. He was responding to an overturned tractor trailer on I-64 near Hwy 177.

Residents also saw a second funnel cloud during this storm.

At least three houses were damaged by the storm.  One of those homes was under construction and was completely destroyed.  Several barns and outbuildings were also destroyed by the tornado. Lots of trees are down, including some around a 92-year-old woman. Hail shattered the back window of a car driving down I-64.

Okawville Police Chief Steve Millikin watched the tornado while it hit his town. He says he saw rain rotating, appearing to be a rain-wrapped funnel, took cover near an overpass, then caught the funnel on their dashcam of his car.

One other semi-truck was blown over on I-64. At least one person inside one of the blown over semis received minor injuries. That is the only injury reported at this time from this storm.

Officials have not had any daylight to examine the area and will have a better idea of damage to the area once the sun is up.

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