SLU Says “Thanks, But No Thanks” To City Police Help

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(KTVI) - Saint Louis University is saying, "thanks, but no thanks' to the city's offer for more patrols on and near campus.  City police had the midtown area near the SLU campus on its list for hot-spot policing.

Officers would take extra time and care to make sure things were safe there. But in a letter to city comptroller Darlene Greene, SLU president Father Biondi says that after meeting with campus police,"we concluded that entering into such an agreement with the city is not is the University's judgement that it is best for the University to seek to internally manage the unique environment of the University campus and Medical Center complex."

Despite reports of break-ins on campus and robberies nearby, campus police may be holding their own.  The Jeanne Cleary Act requires the school to release crime statistics every year. Those numbers were released on Monday.  They showed that overall crime was down in 2011 from 2009, but St. Louis City police may have an argument as well.

After no reports of sexual assaults in 2010, there were two last year on campus. There were two on-campus robberies in 2010. That went up to three last year. There were three on-campus burglaries reported in 2010. That number was four in 2011.

Still, Father Biondi stands behind his police force saying the school has 95 uniformed and armed licensed officers on 24 hour patrols.

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