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Contact 2: Cracked Concrete

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) - It`s supposed to be strong and durable.  But a South County couple is not very happy about  flaws in their new concrete porch and patio. That concrete is not as solid as they thought it would be.  And they're getting nowhere with the contractor.

It looks fine from a distance but when you get up close, it`s obvious the concrete is separating.  Homeowner Aaron Kauffman says that`s upsetting.  'The cracking is continuously getting worse.  We`re watching it get worse almost on a weekly basis.'
The work was done by Premiere Concrete.  It was poured initially in late April.  But the homeowner complained about the uneven surface. 'When he first poured the front patio, he took all the forms off that same day we could tell it was messed up '  

 So the contractor redid the front porch. Within three weeks Kauffman says cracks began to appear.  And the only explanation he got from the contractor was 'concrete cracks.'

The Kauffman's found the contractor on Craigslist.  He was cheaper than another bid and his ad says he guarantees his work.   When I pointed this out in phone conversation with the contractor he denied this is his Ad.  Though the name of the company and the telephone number is the same information on the proposal signed by both.

Kauffman thinks the cracks can be explained after talking with another contractor.  'I called another concrete company and they told me that it does, but it will not crack that quick unless you do not put down the proper base.'

A patio in the back yard has smaller cracks. The contractor admits he did the job for the Kauffman`s. But has decided he can't satisfy the couple. The Kauffman's say they just want what they paid for.  'If he would just come and make it right or agree to try and fix it, that would make us happy but he won`t even respond. '

Choosing the right contractor takes time. And cheaper isn't always better. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Be sure the business is registered with the Secretary of State's office, get a detailed contract.  And check the website of the Circuit Court in your area.  You may find Judgements against the company.  

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