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Family Seeks Closure To Year-Old Murder

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NORTH ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – A candlelight vigil was held on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 in honor of the late Xavier F. Ferguson.  Ferguson was bludgeoned to death in North Saint Louis County a year to the date and his murderers have yet to be found. 

The family is very upset because they feel they have been given false information on the case’s progress. 

Nolan Ferguson, once a local club owner of The Junkyard Bar and Grill located in the North St. Louis County area, is an active community leader, and the brother of the deceased.   He has since been in contact with the NAACP and the ACLU in an attempt to find the killers. 

The family is adamant in possibly having to file lawsuits against Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County for what they call civil rights violations. 

Family, friends, and neighbors were in attendance at the vigil and expressed grief at the loss of Xavier Ferguson. They stated that they wouldn’t rest until justice was served. 


by Katrina M. Clemons