Voters Watch Presidential Debate At Select Wehrenberg Theaters

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DES PERES, MO (KTVI)-- Some debate watchers turned to the big screen to either support their presidential candidate or hear more before deciding which one to support.

FOX 2 teamed up with and Wehrenberg theatres to hold debate watching parties at the Des Peres 14 Cine and the St. Charles 18 Cine.

We caught up with some Webster University students watching the debate in Des Peres.  They're teacher, Scott Jensen, heads up the forensics and debate program for Webster University.

After watching the debate, Jensen felt to put it in football terms, "(Governor) Romney controlled the field."

He credited President Obama for being very specific but also thought the president was passive and tentative.

Some of his students were split on the debate winner.

"Romney seemed more structure but I do think Obama held with more emotion," said one student.

Another student felt Romney came out aggressively but that the President did a good job challenging the attacks.

"There's no tie in a debate but I would have to say it was very close," said the student.

One student felt the exchanges between the candidates makes her want to learn more about the facts.

"That's why I feel this debate was really good for me and I'm hoping for everybody else," she said.

Wehrenberg plans on showing the remaining presidential and the one vice presidential debate.