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Rally Squirrel Still Lives Inside Busch Stadium

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- St. Louis Cardinal fans area hoping the Red Birds win their 12th World Series in 2012.  It looks like a good luck charm from 2011 is still going strong. Team officials say Rally Squirrel still lives inside the stadium.  He was first spotted running across home plate in a division series game last year.

Rally quickly became a hit and a fan favorite. Stadium crews tried to catch the rodent. It turns out he and his friends are still living in Busch. Team spokesman Ron Watermon said, "It`s odd when you hear little feet running above your head."  He says it`s not a joke.  Cardinal employees hear squirrels scampering above the ceiling tiles in their offices. It`s similar to homeowner hearing squirrels I their attics. Watermon added, "Of course the rally squirrel is great luck."

Rally is also a huge plus for Cardinal Glennon Children`s Medical Center. The hospital made Rally Squirrel their mascot.  Dan Buck works for the Cardinal Glennon foundation, "We`re always asking kids to rally and overcome their illnesses and injuries and he represents that can-do attitude that we saw not only in the Cardinals but now we see every day at Cardinal Glennon."  

The medical center sold tens of thousands of Rally Squirrel t-shirts, hats and greeting cards. They raised more than $500,000 for the hospital. Some of those funds were used to build a brand new playground above the cancer center.