Cardinals Biggest Fan Fighting Childhood Cancer

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CALHOUN, KY (KTVI) – Perhaps one of the biggest Cardinal fans of all has become a worldwide inspiration. He's a boy from Kentucky, whose passion is fueling an effort to cure childhood cancers; this, as he fights for his own life.

Lane Goodwin, 13, was at home Tuesday night after another emergency trip to a hospital, Sunday.  

His condition is grave, but his parents said Tuesday was a good day; for a few reasons: he felt better physically;  something called the 'Thumbs Up for Lane' campaign, continued to explode on Facebook and Twitter;  and he found out his Cardinals beat the Nationals in Game 2 of the NLDS at Busch Stadium, Monday night.  

As the Cardinals were bashing the Nats, puzzling were signs popping up around the ball park: 'Thumbs Up for Lane'.  

If you don`t know who Lane is, you`re part of a quickly dwindling minority.

"We took, how many pictures, hundreds of pictures yesterday with people holding up the signs, telling about him," said Shawn Kohrs, a Cardinal fan from St. Charles.

Kohrs is also part of a group called 'Zero H8' (Zero hate).

They learned about Lane from Facebook, made the signs, and hit the ball park.

"The pictures are heartbreaking," Kohrs said of the photos of Lance Goodwin, posted on the Facebook page, PrayersForLaneGoodwin.

Like a picture of Lane Goodwin, Calhoun, KY, leaving a hospital Sunday in a Cardinal blanket.

Lane has been fighting a rare cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma since March of 2010.
His parents, one from Texas, one from Kentucky, said he`d been a Cardinal fan seemingly from birth.

"He doesn`t see any other sport or any other sports franchise other than the St. Louis Cardinals," his father, George Goodwin said.  

"Why is that?"  asked Fox 2`s Andy Banker

"I have no idea!" George Goodwin laughed.

"He just has always loved the Cardinals!" said Lane`s mom, Angie Watkins-Goodwin.

When Lane`s Cardinals were in the World Series last October, Lane and his father were at Busch Stadium for Game 1. Jason Motte threw Lane a ball from the bullpen.

"He had been trying to get one (a ball), trying to get one, trying to get one," Lane`s dad said.  'Lo and behold this state trooper from Arkansas (working security) said, 'Hey, throw this boy a ball.'  Motte just looked up and said, 'OK.' [He] threw the ball and Lane got it."

Matt Holliday later sent him an autographed ball.

"When the ball came from Holliday, he was like, 'Mom, that's cool,'"Lane's mom said.

As Lane has continued to get sicker, he's become a phenomenon.  The Prayers for Lane Goodwin Facebook page has more than 274,000 'likes'; most of them coming in the past 3 weeks.

The kid who loves his Cardinal heroes, credits an even bigger hero in his life.

"This lady asked him, 'Hey, who's your biggest hero?'" Lane's dad recalled.  "Lane said, 'It's God. Without him, nothing else works.'"

"He said, we have prayed from awareness of childhood cancer because this is what it`s going to take to find a cure," Lane`s mom said.  "And he still says, "I got this. I got this.'"

His father said they had watched replays of that World Series Game 1 repeatedly.  The Cardinals won it, 3-2.

That Holliday autograph ball is with the Cardinals now, so Jason Motte can sign it.  

The cancer has spread to Lane`s brain.  His condition took a frightening turn about 3 weeks ago, when severe seizures nearly killed him.  The Facebook campaign took off in the days that followed.  Lane has rallied.  

His parents feared they'd lost him, just Monday, only to have him wake up and give his mom a hug and an 'Eskimo Kiss'.

"She said, 'Do you just make it easier on me; is that why you're still here?'" said Lane`s dad. "He said, 'yeah! ' He will not disappoint his mother...we`ve gotten what some parents never get a chance at  ... we've had an extra 3 and a ½ weeks with our son...the Good Lord has just given it to us."

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