Cardinals In Post Season Brings Money To St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The Cardinals had the day off Tuesday but many in St. Louis want to see them get back to work for as long as possible because every time they play, win or lose, a lot of people in other fields make money.
  'For us down here at the Broadway Oyster Bar it is like Christmas in October,' said bartender Samantha Fisher.
   Post -season baseball is an economic boon for the entire region, but the biggest financial benefit is in downtown St. Louis, where restaurants, hotels and parking lots are just a few examples of places where the money comes flooding in and then trickles down.
   'We calculated per post-season game the direct spending is calculated at $2.5 million,' said St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission spokesperson Donna Andrews. 'A lot of people say they don`t believe that, but if you were downtown and saw the energy around Busch Stadium you could see how that figure could easily be $2.5 million per post- season game.'
   Not to put the bat ahead of the ball, but if the Cardinals go all the way, the impact is expected to rival the money made off the All Star game week in St. Louis 2009.
    'It was projected that it was a $56 million impact hosting just that game,' Andrews said.
   Then there are the incalculables, like free publicity for the city, and all that electrified civic pride.
   But mostly, more baseball equals more money.
   'You should have seen it (Monday.) They were coming in at two o`clock wanting to know if they could get a table and we were packed. We were full,' said Fisher.
    "Just like the Cardinals. Standing room only."