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WENTZVILLE, MO. (KTVI) – Bogus tech support businesses are stopped in their tracks by a federal judge and the action follows an international investigation.

Consumers are losing millions of dollars trying to fix a computer virus.

Contact 2`s Bonita Cornute talks to a Wentzville women who fought the inflated fees.

The thought of losing three hundred dollars didn`t sit well with the woman. So she calls Contact 2.  It just happens to be the day before an announcement from Washington, D.C.

Darlene Davidson says she couldn`t get into her email.  So she went on line looking for help.  She found speedy pc pro and called them up.   She agreed to use their techs.  She would pay $39 dollars plus use their 10 percent off coupon.

I could actually watch the mouse and the thing work on my computer, as they worked on it.

What she saw cost more then she expected.

My credit card bill came.  I was charged the thirty nine dollars, but I was also charged $300 dollars, and I was charged 3 dollars for international charges.

The three hundred dollars was for the virus protection plan that she told them she didn`t want.  And her email wasn't fixed.  I told her to contact her credit card company and dispute the charge.

And the man told me this happens quite often, this is like a third party deal and he said we will gladly refund your $300 dollars.

The FTC cited six businesses for scamming consumers.  Many of the bogus tech support companies have ties to India.  The better business bureau is has received numerous consumer complaints and investigator bill smith is keeping tabs on the federal action.

What they`ve been able to do is freeze bank accounts, at these companies to freeze the assets, I’m sure they`re going to try to take down these websites, and they`re going to try their best to prosecute

Be careful who you call after searching the internet for help.  And if someone calls you claiming your computer has a virus and they can fix it, hang up immediately report it to The Federal Trade Commission and sign up for the "National Do Not Call Registry".  We have links to the Federal Trade Commission on our website fox two   

Or you can call our Contact 2 volunteers.  They take calls Monday through Thursday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.   The number is 800 782-2222.     

Remember you can protect yourself against tech support scams.

For Contact 2 I'm Bonita Cornute.
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