Donut Shop Fire Stopped Before It Spread To Strip Mall

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OVERLAND, MO. (KTVI) - A late night fire at an Overland donut shop gave firefighters enough concern to sound a first alarm.

According to the West Overland EMS and Fire Protection District, workers from the donut shop left about 30 minutes before the fire started.  When firefighters arrived they forced their way into the store to put the fire out.

The early point of origin appears to be a fryer used to make donuts.

The challenge was keeping the fire from spreading.  The Donut Brothers Shop is located in a strip mall and next to the Smoke Shop store.

"There's always that challenge that a fire can get up in that attic travels the whole mall then you have the whole mall in jeopardy," said West Overland Chief Mike Marlo. "In this case the crews got there quickly, (the fire) did not spread into the attic and they basically held it to the appliance itself and some surrounding woodwork."

Firefighters remained on the scene Tuesday night just in case the fire flared back up.  Gas service was turned off at the strip mall as a precaution.

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