Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Former AB CEO Back In Court

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KTVI)-- Almost two years after the death of a woman at the home of August Busch IV the case was back in a Cape Girardeau courtroom Tuesday afternoon.  It all concerned a wrongful death suit filed against Busch.

In December of 2010 27 year old Adrienne Martin, Busch`s girlfriend, was found dead inside his Huntleigh home.  She died of a drug overdose.  The attorney for Christine Trampler, who is Martin`s mother, said they needed more time to question police and Busch.  The judge said that should have been done months ago.

Busch`s attorney said all sides had already agreed to a settlement and said he thinks the mother is just interested in the money.  Trampler`s attorney Andrew LeRoy denied that, "The bottom line for my client is she been seeking since December 19th 2010 how Adrienne Martin died she wants to know how that occurred."  Busch`s attorney Maurice Graham said, "If she`s not interest in getting some money that makes it easy because Mr. Busch would prefer Blake receive all the settlement proceeds."

Everyone is due back at the courthouse on November 14th.  The judge will decide who gets how much of the settlement money.  It appears the settlement is somewhere between $1.5 and $2 million.  It`s expected that Adrienne Martin`s nine year old son Blake will receive the largest portion.