Is My Kitchen Just Clean or Santized?

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(STLMoms) - Do you have cooties? Chances are yes, you do! And now hygiene experts are talking after a study about round-the-world hand-washing habits.

Donna Duberg, germ expert from Saint Louis University, talks about what they found.

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Findings from the Study:

*27% of Americans do not wash their hands after using the bathroom

*32% of moms say their child is not encouraged to wash his/her hands after using the bathroom.

*More than half of moms (56%) don`t clean and disinfect their child`s lunchboxes each day.

*Two-thirds of all kitchen soap dispensers were found to be contaminated in one study, with an average of 4.5 million bacteria microorganisms detected, including E. coli and fecal contamination.
*Kitchen towels, cloths and sponges were among the most contaminated kitchen items

*Groups that need encouragement to clean their hands more often include men, students and manual workers