Lake St. Louis Woman Arrested For Burglary

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O’FALLON, MO. (KTVI) – The O’Fallon Police Department has arrested 45-year-old Jaqueline Anderson of Lake St. Louis, in connect to three burglaries.  In each case the burglary occurred while the home owners were home in the backyard doing yard work, with their garage doors open.

Anderson was arrested after one resident was opening his front door, only to find someone else was turning the knob as he was about to enter his home.  The home owner detain Anderson till police arrived on the scene.

Jaqueline Anderson is charged with:

Three Counts of Burglary 1st
Three Counts of Theft/Stealing (Value of Property Or Services Is Less Than $500)
One Count Of Theft/Stealing Of Any Credit Card Or Letter Of Credit

Bond has been set at $30,000.