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Rain Delay Plans For NLCS Game 3

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The National League Championship Series is not the only event heading for St. Louis Wednesday.

Thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon, raising the possibility of a rain delay or perhaps even a rain out.

Interactive Radar:  Check on the showers as they pass through St. Louis

"We have a field that is state of the art, it is able to drain a significant amount of water off of it in a very fast period of time, " said Cardinals` Spokesman Ron Watermon. "The most rain we`ve ever had was three inches of rain in 45 minutes and we were ready to play 45 minutes after the rain ended."

In the post season, the decision whether to play doesn`t belong to the Cardinal or the Giants--- it belongs to the real giants, Major League Baseball, which was faced with a rain decision for Game Six of last year`s World Series.

MLB opted to postpone in that case, which you might say was a blessing in the skies--- because it gave the Cards the chance to have Chris Carpenter pitch.

A rain delay would have little effect on those who make their living off downtown events, but a postponement could be a home run.

"You`ve got the people who don`t have anything planned for that day so they will be spending the time here, and that is what we are hoping for," said the owner of J. S. Sanfilippo`s restaurant, Paul Sanfilippo.

And while we won`t know the exact forecast for Wednesday until Wednesday, at least one fan, Anthony Sanders, is happy about the threat of a rain delay.

"If it`s a 3:00 game, I`d prefer a 7:00 game anyway.  Most of the people work during the day, so it would give people time enough to get down there and they might change their mind and go to the game."

FOX Sports says if the series gets pushed forward by a day, leading to a game on Saturday, that`s not a problem because it could move college football to the FX network.

For what it`s worth, along with a World Series rain out last year, the Cardinals also had one in 2006, and the team went on to win the series both years.