You Paid For It: Hanley Hills

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HANLEY HILLS, MO. (KTVI) - The You Paid For It Team answers a call for help from a North County Homeowner fearful of a city owned tree in her front yard. The big branches have been falling off the tree damaging her property.  She and her neighbors fear it could damage their cars. Even more, the homeowner worries about the huge tree blowing down on her house in a bad storm.

The homeowner Stephanie Robinson has been trying to get the Village of Hanley Hills to do something for years but just got the cold shoulder from city hall.

After we made the call city hall sprung into action.

Within days they approved spending the money to get something done about the menacing tree after years of ignoring the problem.

That's not her only problem, the street in front of her house is crumbling.  The City of Hanley Hills says it will deal with that too.