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Local Bottler Shifting From Soda To Suds

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BREESE, IL (KTVI)-- The Excel Bottling Company is big in Breese, Illinois. Bill Meier's grandparents started the company 76 years ago.

 “So when they got married they didn't know what to do and at the same time my grandfather had caught a bank robber and they bought a used bottling machine,” said Bill Meier, General Manager of Excel Bottling Company.

 They started selling ski made with pure cane sugar, but this bottler began brewing up a new idea, business idea, selling suds.

 “We should do about 200 to 240 cases a week. Hopefully that'll go up to close to 500 I hope,” said Brewmaster Anthony Toenjes.

 Excel entertained the idea for ale after Illinois passed a law last year that said small breweries can produce and distribute their own beer.

 “So we are already out there running soda trucks and what makes us unique is we still sell returnable bottles and we thought wow we should try and do that with beer too selling show to you can self distribute,” stated Meier.

 They hopped on a heifferveisen.

 The Excel Golden Brew is a white tasting blond ale, both Tony Toenjes recipes.

 “It's always satisfying to make something and have somebody drink it and enjoy it,” said Toenjes. “How does one apply to be an official taste tester?  Hahaha you need to talk to Bill.”

“Someone posted on our Facebook page that said close the borders there's no need to go outside of Clinton County, now you can buy beer here that's made here so we've been very fortunate that the community has support office in fact,” said Meier. “Try out this title beer baron we don't have dreams that we just want to make a good local beer that you enjoyed by our customers and actually put it into returnable beer bottle.”

Which is living green from drinking a blonde.

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