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Seckman Honors Fallen Freshman Football Player

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UPDATE:  A blood clot has been listed as the official cause death.

IMPERIAL, MO (KTVI) -Two schools fighting for a playoff spot stopped to honor the memory of a fallen, freshman football player.

Jacob Siebert, 14, died on Tuesday night.  The Fox C-6 school district notified students and parents on Wednesday.

Seckman and Fox high schools played each other in a playoff game on Thursday night.  There was a moment of silence to honor Siebert and his younger brother tossed the coin to start the game.

Superintendent Dr. Dianne Critchlow described Siebert has someone everyone loved.  

"He loved football and lacrosse," said Critchlow.  "Our heart goes out to the family and we're just here to support him and this game is in honor of him."

The Fox field included Siebert's number 45 on certain areas and players from both teams wore 45 on the backs of their helmets.

Siebert's cause of death is not yet known.  Some students say he was injured playing football and then died a few days later.

Dr. Critchlow says there are a number of rumors but would not speculate on a cause of death.  She went on to say Siebert could have been hurt playing football, "But if he was injured it was never reported to the coach.  It was never reported to the trainer."

Tom Masters was Siebert's youth football coach.

"Great kid, great family, always smiling practice or games," said Masters.

He called Siebert's death a real eye opener for his own life.

"Makes you really appreciate the things you have and the kids for who they are."

Seckman High School Football Player Dies

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