Contact 2: Tree Removal

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ROCK HILL, MO. (KTVI) – A homeowner from Rock Hill struggles to address code violations.  Updating the plumbing and dead tree removal prove to be a real challenge.   Contact 2 usually zeros in on contractors who've dropped the ball.   Today, we`ll introduce you to three people with the heart to help.

The trees in the front and back yard of Donnie Savage's home almost consumed his house.  The single parent was cited and told he needed to clear the overgrowth and remove a huge dying oak tree.  He explains why.  'One of the trees that I had was actually overlaying into a neighbor`s yard at the top. And they asked me to trim the tree for the sake of safety and also the ordinances. '
Donnie has been off work since a fall caused head injuries. That was in July.  This month he burned his hand and foot in a kitchen fire.  And he can't work, so repairs have been put on hold.  Amazingly things are changing.  Patrick Thompson of Pat's Tree Service agreed to help.   He explains why.  'On certain circumstances we are able to perform certain types of tree work.  Obviously we can`t do tree work for free for everybody.  But something had to be done.'  A tree from Donnie`s yard fell onto his neighbor`s car.

Inside the house precision plumbers replaced the old cast iron stack in his basement. Owner Jesse Ray says that was critical.   'The pipe on the toilet was leaking sewage, into the basement so you can get really sick from that.  And that`s the reason it needed to be addressed.’
Fry Remodeling hung new doors and made improvements to windows poorly installed by another contractor.  Calvin Fry says he can spot shoddy work pretty quickly.  'When I looked at them I said they got the window too small and they tried to build them out.   And so we obviously can`t take them out and replace them so we`re going to trim them out and make them look as good as possible.’

Donnie Savage says he`s optimistic he'll be back on his feet soon.   The generosity of strangers will help make that happen.   

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