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Dave murray’s latest stl forecast and weather disco:

***a quiet day on thursday…Slightly warmer temps…With a weak alberta clipper ready to kick in.***


Partly sunny and warmer in the afternoon
Winds: south 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 65 degrees

Thursday night:

Partly cloudy and chilly to cold
Winds: northeast 5-10 m.P.H.
Low: 42 degrees


Partly sunny and quiet.
Winds: west 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 62 degrees

A few showers…Light and scattered developing saturday afternoon and into saturday night…Looking like limited rain right now

The weather disco:

Sandy is on the move…Still slowly…But the atmsophere is picking up the pace…All is quiet on thursday…But alittle alberta clipper comes into play…Opening up the southerly flow…So temps will be a few degrees warmer thursday afternoon…After a cold start. The system is weak and poorly organized…Little energy to work with…That would be tough after the monster of sandy…So things have to rest and slowly re-charge. Friday is quiet…Then a slightly stronger system comes into play saturday and saturday night…More and more clouds and a few showers around. Quiet and colder sunday. There are some signs of even colder weather trying to take over the middle of next week…Not mid winter cold…But colder.

***my winter forecast will be out thursday night–november 15th at 9:30pm…On the web later that night***

Check out all the maps below: click on links…They will give you a great overview of the weather

Surface map:


National radar:


Severe weather:


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