More Help From Midwest Heading to the East Coast

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(KTVI) - St. Louisans are lending a helping hand to those affected by the massive storm.  From search and rescue crews to electrical workers and tree trimmers, many from our area are either in the damaged areas or headed there.

A convoy of Nelson Tree Service trucks left Monday morning. Crews started arriving around 5:30 a.m.   They are contracting with Ameren to help clean up from Superstorm Sandy.   One supervisor says he's not sure where specifically they'll be going, but say they should get those kinds of details as they get closer.

At least nine trucks departed with this particular convoy.  There's no word on how long they will be there, but they're prepared for a fairly long trip.

These crews will join at least 540 other Ameren line workers and tree trimming contractors from Missouri and Illinois already deployed to the Sandy damage zone.