NY National Guard’s MO Earthquake Drill Pulled After Superstorm Sandy

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NEW YORK, NY (WIRED) – The New York Army National Guard was all set to go to Festus Missouri to participate in “Operation Vigilant Guard” when they were reassigned to Superstorm Sandy relief. According to Wired magazine the decision to stay in New York was made just hours before they were supposed to leave on Tuesday.  Hurricane Sandy made landfall on Monday.

450 members of the National Guard were going to be sent to Missouri to help train for a possible severe earthquake on the New Madrid fault. That scheduled drill took precedence over the Hurricane slamming the East Coast. Why? Because redeploying hundreds of guardsmen at a moment’s notice declared a “bureaucratic near-impossibility” even when they were needed in New York.

The New York Army National Guard reversed its decision just hours after being contacted by Wired magazine.

Hurricane Sandy is the worst storm system to hit the New York City in 200 years.  The exercise in Missouri is the second drill in a year and a half.

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