Pencil Stabbing Allegedly Not Reported By Grade School

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Anquinetta Johnson is upset because she says her 7-year-old son who's a first grader at Bryan Hill Elementary was stabbed with a pencil on Monday after a fight with a kid at school. She says she didn't find out about the incident until her son got home.

"They've called me to get him to stand straight in line, they called me to ask him to stop blaring out answers in class but they did not call me when my son got stabbed. It was done with such force because it came through his uniform, t-shirt and it pierced his skin. My son also has a heart murmur," said Johnson.

Johnson took her son to Cardinal Glennon to get checked out.

"I have proof that my son was stabbed. He was bleeding, his skin was broken."

We contacted St. Louis city schools about the incident and they said the school nurse treated the student and issued this statement saying:

"The nurse attempted to contact the student’s mother via the emergency number provided to the school by the child’s parent. The nurse was unable to reach the mother as the number provided was not working."

Johnson plans to remove her kids from the school and is hoping changes are made to keep the same type of incident from happening again.

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