Romney Takes Missouri In Mock Student Election

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ELLISVILLE, MO. (KTVI) - St. John Lutheran School in Ellisville is one of several schools across the country participating in a mock presidential election.

Students from K-8th grades at St. John cast their votes on Tuesday.  The results are compiled from schools across the country and are available on line at:

St. John students voted in favor of Governor Romney as did most of Missouri students.

The national picture was different.

"As far as the kids are concerned it's a landslide for Obama," said Studies Weekly CEO Ed Rickers.

Some schools in the northeast were unable to vote because of hurricane Sandy so the votes are still being tallied.

St. John created voting booths similar to the ones students` parents will use next week.

"They were so excited to have a chance to vote because they knew their parents were voting," said Heidi Hayes, interim principal.

Eighth grade students served as poll workers as students voted on computers using a code.

"Statistics show that students who are able to participate in mock elections will actually take their right to vote very seriously when they come of age," said Hayes.

Ricker believes schools are hungry for programs like this because so much class time is spent teaching to MAP testing requirements.

"Social studies and the study of civics have been crowded out of the curriculum due to time constraints," said Rickers.

Fifth grader Scout Fleming said she cast her vote based on her mother`s beliefs.

Her mother heard some interesting reasons why other students selected a candidate.

"It's somebody else's turn, or I like somebody's hair or he seems nice,' said Gretchen Fleming.  "Still, the children are talking about the right to choose and I think that's very important."

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