Will A Chesterfield Pumpkin Patch Continue?

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CHESTERFIELD, MO. (KTVI) – What people feared might be one of the saddest Halloweens in St. Louis appeared to have a happy ending on Halloween night.  
People thought this was going to be the last Halloween for the Rombach Farms famous pumpkin patch in Chesterfield:  a St. Louis tradition.

Plans for a new outlet mall near Spirit airport called for a massive drainage ditch for water runoff to go right through the farm and pretty much take out the famous Rombach Pumpkin Pyramid.   

Now, FOX 2 has learned, if there’s going to be a ditch, it won’t run through Rombach property.

The charm of the family farm was enough to have the Abells from St. Clair, MO, coming to Chesterfield to start a tradition for their new, growing family.  

It was the second Halloween at Rombach Farms for 17-month old, Cadence.  

“Try to make it a little family tradition for her.  She liked the big pumpkin patch the first time; just figured we’d come out here again and keep on going with it,” said Cadence’s dad, Jay Abell.

“The Fall time, Rombach, it’s the place to go.  This has been open for a very long time, so that’s why we come,” said Heather Abell.

A drainage plan for the proposed 130 acre mall development nearby called for the creation of a close to 100 foot wide ditch the Rombachs feared would come through their property.   After our initial report and the public outcry that followed, city officials said they would not let that happen.  

The farms’ owner told Fox 2 Halloween night, indeed, it would not be happening.

“They’ve got it figured out (a way around the farms) over there now,” Chip Rombach said. “So that’s a good deal for us, a good deal for them, and everybody that’s involved.  Oh, yeah, we’ll be back, God willing.”.

God willing the farms that have been in his family since 1914 will have a centennial celebration in 2 years.

You can bet the Krueger will be back;  once again making the trek in from New Haven, MO.  Halloween night was their 2nd trip this year.  

Jeff Krueger’s daughter, Mikaiah, was in costume.

“I’m Cinderella,” she said.  “We had a lot of fun here earlier this year and we wanted to come back and get a picture.”

“For me it is the tradition.  It brings back memories of being younger and coming here with my parents and being able to come here and share that tradition with my kids,” Jeff Krueger said.  

Chip Rombach said the new drainage plan would steer runoff from the outlet mall site through Spirit Airport property across the highway, if the mall ever gets built.   

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