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Akin Remains Upbeat about Tuesday’s Election

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A hard-fought U.S. Senate campaign marked by unusual twists comes to an end Tuesday.

Political observers from across the country will be watching to see whether Republican Todd Akin will beat the odds and oust democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, after his "legitimate rape" comment in August cost him major GOP support.

With less than 24 hours until the big day, Congressman Akin remained upbeat, buoyed by the enthusiasm of his supporters.  Akin says, “What I'm seeing from Claire McCaskill is yard signs stuck in public right of ways, you know, and there just isn't a fire and a passion because you can't run and have any enthusiasm on a record they have rung up."

Conservative Todd Akin has defeated the odds before, winning his first primary for congress by 56 votes against a long-time GOP office holder.

Touring GOP offices in the metro area Monday, Akin found supporters eager for Election Day.  Kimberly Benz, an Akin campaign coordinator in north St. Louis County, explains, “We have more signs in the yards and stuff of individuals in North County with Republican signs than I have ever seen in this area.  I think it is just people eager to make a change—a real change this time."

Akin adds, “A poll can say, well you're going to vote for this or this person, but it doesn't measure enthusiasm and fire and spirit that's out there.  And I'll tell you that is really, really burning in this election."

The Akin campaign is looking for a heavy turnout in southwest Missouri and in Franklin, St. Charles, and parts of St. Louis County.

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