McCaskill Making Final Campaign Push

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BRIDGETONS, MO (KTVI) - In the closing hours of a political campaign the emphasis shifts from winning over voters to getting your supporters to the polls.

On Monday Senator Claire McCaskill made several stops across the state reminding her supporters to get out and vote.

She ended her day with a rally inside a Bridgeton machinist`s hall.  Famed boxing promoter Don King and rock and roll legend Chuck Berry made appearances.

Senator McCaskill told reporters she was hoping for a quick victory on Tuesday but did not want her supporters to take anything for granted.

'We want all of our supporters to remain focused and help us get the vote out,' said McCaskill.  She praised her campaign for what she called an unprecedented ground game in Missouri.  

Campaign manager Adrianne Marsh told supporters that during this entire campaign, democrats will have made 6 million phone calls and knocked on 2 million doors.

'Some people will receive as many as 4 contacts from our campaign within 24 hours,' said Marsh.

Marsh asked for more volunteers Monday night to leave flyers on the doors of McCaskill supporters.

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