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An Enterprising James T. Kirk Is In Custody For Armed Robery

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PACIFIC, MO (KTVI) - This James T. Kirk is not the Captain of the Starship Enterprise. He is now known as an armed robbery suspect in Missouri.

Chief Matt Mansell of the Pacific Police Dept says Kirk pulled a hunting knife on a clerk at the Dollar General store in Pacific Tuesday night around 6:45pm. The chief says Kirk emptied the cash drawer then took off running.

Kirk didn't "beam-up" because police ran into him less than a mile from the store.

"His story kept on changing. It just didn't match up. We contacted the victim, the witness. We brought them down in a police car- they viewed him and said that's the guy." said Chief Matt Mansell.

Guess he should work on mastering the "Kobayashi Maru"  exercise to get out of the next tricky situation.