Chloë Sevigny On ‘American Horror Story’: All Pleasure, No Guilt

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(CNN) — If “American Horror Story: Asylum” is your “guilty pleasure,” don’t tell Chloë Sevigny.

The actress is guest-starring on the series as asylum inmate Shelley, and recently said in a conference interview that she doesn’t view the show as such.

“I mean I don’t think I would classify it as that,” said Sevigny, who added that she doesn’t have a TV. “I think that’s more like the ‘Honey Boo Boo,’ and that kind of crap or something.”

“I think, why would you even be embarrassed or why would it be something guilty? It’s great television.”

Sevigny – who is as well known for roles like “Boys Don’t Cry” on the big screen as she is for her small screen projects – revealed that things are only going to get worse for her character. That seems almost inconceivable, given that Shelley has already had her legs amputated by a sinister doctor after she rebuffed his sexual assault.

The actress said she believes audiences are developing more of an appreciation for the creepy on TV.

“I think in general people like to be spooked out,” she said. “I think horror movies have always done really well at the box office, and I think it’s kind of a new thing on television. I think since Hitchcock and whatnot, there haven’t been that many scary shows, but like ‘Walking Dead’ was huge and now ‘American Horror Story,’ I think just people are tapping into that.”

“American Horror Story: Asylum” airs Wednesday nights on FX.
By Lisa Respers France

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