MoDOT Reminding Blanchette Bridge Drivers To Use Alternate Routes

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)-- The transition from 10 to 6 lanes at the Blanchette Bridge is going so well drivers are going back to old habits and not using the alternate routes.  As a result those drivers are causing major backups.

According to MoDOT traffic on the Blanchette Bridge has been running smoothly the number of drivers using the bridge on Monday compared to today is going back up to normal volumes.  The influx is causing bottleneck effect at 70 and 94 in the morning and backups at 270 and earth city at night. MoDOT says it`s best to get into the habit of using alternate routes before the snow hits. MoDOT manager Linda Wilson-Horn says volumes have gone up 10 percent each day getting close to regular capacity.

"What we noticed with traffic on Blanchette is more motorist are coming back to I-70 during rush hour Page and 370 still taking on a lot of traffic which is great but the volumes on 70 have been increasing every day this morning we had stopped traffic on eastbound 70," said Wilson-Horn

MoDOT also says the alternate routes of the Page Avenue extension and 370 might be full but you will be at the speed limit. They also say traffic is fine in the middle of the day at all locations.