21 States Have People With Petitions To Secede From The United States

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WBRZ) - Believe it or not, a secessionist movement is afoot. Less than 24-hours after President Obama won re-election, an online petition was set up for Louisiana, asking the federal government for permission to secede from the union. Petitions were then created for another 21 states. If enough people sign them, the White House has pledged an official response.

By the map, it looks like nearly half the country apparently wants out. Well, at least a small percentage in these states have signed petitions. How small you ask? About 157,000 in 22 states have inked their names so to speak in a section of the Whitehouse.gov website called "We The People." It's an open forum for citizens or anyone with a valid email address to create petitions.

In order for the administration to issue an "official" response, 25,000 people must sign up.

Louisiana was the first on the list last Wednesday, when "Michael E" from Slidell started one to, "Peacefully grant the state of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of america and create its own new government."

But there are tens of thousands that apparently disagree. 16,000 and counting in Louisiana and now up to 26,000 in Texas.  More than needed to get some sort of "response" from the White House.

But, thousands of people have signed the online petitions at the website of the White House.  You can see it for yourself by clicking here:

https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions .

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