An Alabama Man’s Attempt To Secede After Obama Re-Election

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MOBILE, AL (WKRG) - A growing number of petitions in various states are popping up online in support of seceding from the nation. Alabama is one of them.

For Derrick Belcher the re-election of Barack Obama was the straw that broke the camel's back, "I don't think the federal government is being fair to the American people.  I think they are being overbearing.They are taxing us to death and they are taking away our freedoms at a breakneck speed."

But Belcher says he wants to get those freedom's back. His idea? An online petition. Belcher wants Alabama to break away from the United States.

It's a tall order and may be fair fetched and unrealistic plan.  But Belcher certainly isn't alone in his feelings.  He's shooting for 25,000 signatures, but he's  already he's gotten more than 11,000, which ironically is hosted on the white house web site.

People from at least 20-other states have similar petitions up.  According to the White House website, if a petition gets 25-thousand signatures in a month, it will be reviewed by White House staffers. They will then officially respond to it.