Chesterfield Couple Tied Up In Home And Robbed

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI)-- It was a nightmare of an evening for a Chesterfield couple, they arrived home Monday night around 6:30 and found a burglar inside their residence.  People who live in the area like Jacqueline Collier are upset, 'I think that`s horrible and it is a reflection of the day we live in actually.'

It happened on Old Belle Monte Road. The couple was confronted by a burglar who was wearing a ski mask.  He was also armed with something like a knife or sword.

Chesterfield Police Captain Steven Lewis said, 'They were not able to positively identify what type of device it was it could be a sharpened object, an edge weapon or even some kind of pry tool, a larger pry tool.'

The suspect threatened the couple and tied them up and stole their vehicle.  Police won`t say if anything else was taken.  One neighbor said, 'Everybody in the neighborhood is freaked out by it.'

People are considering upgrading their home security system.  Richard Pauls lives on the street, he said, 'We`re going to have panic button thing downstairs to set our alarm off in case someone would break in the front door and we couldn`t get to a phone or something.'
The couple was not injured, they were able to loosen their bonds and call police.  The stolen car was found this morning a few blocks away at an apartment complex.  Jennifer Bayer lives in Chesterfield, she said, 'It`s shocking just the audacity of people who think they can go they can go into other people`s homes and take advantage like that its shocking.'

Captain Lewis said the last time something like this happened in Chesterfield was about nine months ago, that this is an unusual crime for the community.  The neighborhood is gated but the front gate is not always closed and it would not be difficult for someone to jump the fence.

Police have a very limited description of the suspect.  He`s described as a 30 to 40 year old black man, 5` 11`` weighing 200 to 220 pounds.  He was wearing dark clothing and silver or light grey tennis shoes.