Southside Man Wants Graffiti Removed

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - St. Louis and St. Louis County residents were getting fed up Tuesday night with spray paint vandals on a graffiti spree, right in the middle of a beautification project.
Part of the problem with cleaning it up is figuring out who's responsible for the cleanup.

There are several jurisdictions coming together in the impacted area along the River Des Peres between Morganford and the River City Casino:  St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District.

'Oh, I could still smell the paint,' Lemay resident, Nick Ridenour said.

His eyes confirmed the news from his nose as he peeked over the fresh clean median between the roadway and the river Saturday morning and saw a massive, new, unwelcome , 'Welcome to the Neighborhood` sign;  a 30` stretch of new graffiti near the River Des Peres-Alabama avenue overpass, where yes, there was more new graffiti.

'Yo tagged', one portion read.   
'We were driving along.  I saw this graffiti on the side of the wall down here.  It was in front of my house.  I`m going, `this looks terrible`,' Ridenour said.  

It was everywhere; days old ; years old.  It brought to mind a 1970`s TV Cop show.  But this was 2012.  

This river corridor has been undergoing a transformation for at least a decade; with millions spent on beautiful new biking and walking trails, plus sewer and flood prevention work.  

More new bike paths are going in now, in phase 3, of the River Des Peres Greenway project.  Improvements will eventually stretch all the way to the Mississippi River.

With all the positive changes, Ridenour had been feeling good about having his home and business here.  

'Every time they renew something down here in the county or the city, [graffiti vandals] destroy it by graffiti...I look at it as trash.  It`s garbage.  It needs to be cleaned up,' Ridenour said.     

 Fox 2 contacted people with the River Des Peres Greenway project, Tuesday night.  

They said they`d look at the damage Wednesday and hopefully be able to help move along the cleanup process.

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