St. Louis Zoo Releases Statement About Alleged Poisonings

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)–Three St. Louis Zoo workers claim someone may have poisoned their drinks.The zoo has released this statement about the incident:

“The Saint Louis Zoo is not aware that any conversations were recorded. If any recordings were made, this was done without the knowledge or consent of anyone in Zoo management who may have been a party to the conversation(s).  The Saint Louis Zoo’s management has been open about this issue with all the employees involved in this issue.  We had several discussions with these employees to help them understand the need to stick to the facts—-that there was no evidence of any poisoning nor was there any evidence of adverse health effects.  The Zoo management conducted an extensive investigation and was not able to conclude that any Zoo staff member had tampered with any beverage.   The Zoo followed all appropriate measures in responding to the incident, seeking medical services and testing the materials involved in the alleged tampering.”

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