Evergreens Go Brown

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The fall color season is all but over here in St. Louis, but this year some very observant viewers have noticed there is something different.  Not only are the maples and oaks changing colors and dropping their leaves, but many of the so called "evergreens" are doing the same.  It is a normal process for some, but not for others.

There are many brown evergreens in Forest Park right now.  Most of them are cypress trees.  They belong to a family of evergreens that turn brown and drop their needles every fall according to St. Louis arborist, Tim Gamma from Gamma Tree Experts.  However, Gamma says, there are others in the region which are clearly suffering the effects of two long, hot, dry summers bridged by a nearly snowless winter.  He says those trees often will brown up and lose needles on single branches which can be cut off with the tree being saved.  However, others have outright died.  According to Gamma, the average homeowner may have trouble telling the difference between what can be saved and what cannot.  In that case, the best option is to consult an expert arborist for advice.

You can contact the arborist at Gamma Tree Experts by going to their website