Family Escapes Blaze In St. Charles County Home

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - A family with five children is homeless after a fire destroyed their St. Charles County home. It happened after 5 o’clock Wednesday evening, off Highway 94 on Walnut Point Lane.

Standing outside their scorched two-story home was surreal for Ron Foshe and his family, who just hours earlier, were eating dinner when a neighbor knocked at the door.  Foshe recalls, “He said, get your mom and dad, and get everyone out of the house, your house is on fire. We couldn’t believe it, and I ran to the back and it was true.”

They didn’t have time to grab clothes, photos, or even shoes. Foshe adds, “We didn’t get my wife’s wedding ring, it was off.”

More important was making sure every family member was safe.  “We’re sad, but we’re alright. We’re all safe,” says the father of five.

Cottleville Fire Chief Rob Wylie says the fire most likely began accidentally, with hot barbecue coals thrown into a trash can right outside the garage.  

Wylie believes the house suffered irreparable damage, due in part to the home’s building material.  He explains, “The siding on the house, the vinyl siding, when exposed to fire can burn very quickly. Vinyl is a petroleum product, and when it’s exposed to fire it reverts to its natural state which is about like gasoline. So it really goes.”

For now, a local hotel has offered to let the family stay as long as necessary, at no cost.  Armed with optimism and his faith in God, Foshe is taking this unexpected tragedy one day at a time.  He says, “I have five kids, four boys and one girl, and this’ll most likely bring us a little closer together too.”

All family members made it out safely, but the family’s pet rabbit was badly burned, and was taken to a veterinarian to be put to sleep.