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St. Louis Area Foodbank Scouting For Food

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI)-- With Thanksgiving just one week away, the St. Louis Area Foodbank is hoping St. Louisans will help it make up for a serious shortfall in supply.

This year, the Foodbank has received 3.5 million fewer pounds of the food from the federal government, which is also the source of its most nutritious donations.

"We are short on things like tuna, things like canned fruits, canned vegetables, we are down on  frozen poultry, and frozen beef," said St. Louis Area Foodbank Senior Vice-President Matt Dace.

The Foodbank is hoping St. Louisans will be extra generous this weekend when giving to the annual Scouting for Food drive, sponsored by the Boy Scout Council of Greater St. Louis.

And they are also hoping those donations will be the kind that can help close the nutrition gap.

"Put something in your bag that you would like to feed your family,  a hearty soup, stews, vegetables, those types of things," said Boy Scout spokesman Joe Mueller. "We know everybody likes to clean out their pantries at this time of year, but we hope people will make a little list and pick up something that will really mean something to someone when they go to the store to shop."

If you received a Scouting for Food bag on your door, just fill it up and place it outside Saturday after 9:00 A.M. for pick up.

If you didn't get a bag, the scouts will announce next week the name of a local bank where you will be able to drop off donations.