Thieves Steal Carpenter’s Truck, Tools From Driveway

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)--  Eric Dial is an independent non-union carpenter that works mostly with modeling work. Because he is non-union, he is responsible for supplying his own tools and transportation to any given work site. When thieves stole the pick-up truck out of his driveway late Monday night, they took along with it, over 20-year's worth of tools Eric bought for work.

Eric's wife, Jami, expressed just how devastating the imact the crime has on their family.

"Who ever stole this truck, didn't just take a vehicle. They took our livelihood. Our way of earning a living."

"It completely prevents me from working at all," Eric agreed,."I mean, I didn't have a tape measure, a pencil, nothing."

In their quiet Florissant neighborhood, the Dial family had no reason to believe their truck wasn't safe, locked up securely in the driveway behind their house.

"We have four or five flood lights surrounding our property," Jami said. "Our truck is down this hill. You can't really see if from the street unless you're looking for it."

While the stolen truck is insured and will be replaced, the Dials' insurance company only partially covers the 20 year old tool collection because they are items used for his trade and not personally.

"Why I can't get a policy where I get back the full amount of what I paid for would make a lot more sense to me," Eric said. "I would be willing to pay more if I knew that in return when something like this happens, I can just pick up and go back to work tomorrow."

In the aftermath, the dials are focusing heavily on the positives in situation, like the Home Depot in Cross Keys helping Eric reacquire some basic tools, so he could get back to work sooner."

"They gave me 25-percent off," Eric remarked with gratitude. "They stepped up and saw our need. We didn't really ask for it, it just kinda came about."

The Dials are also thankful the situation was not worse than it could have been.
"We didn't even think about it, but the garage door opener was in that truck," Jami recalled. "They could have easily gotten in our house. We do keep the basement door locked but still."

"My family's safety would be first," Eric insisted. "The fact that we're all ok, and it's just a material item."

The Florissant Police Department called Eric Dial late on Wednesday afternoon with news that they had found his truck, a 2002 Dodge Ram, but Eric could not go survey the damage or what was left behind until after he finished work at 6pm.