Jerry Springer’s Take On The Petraeus Scandal

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(CNN) — As the Petraeus saga drags on, everyone from Jon Stewart to Dr. Phil has offered their take.

But there’s at least one name in showbiz who seems particularly accustomed to this kind of sticky personal situation, and that name is Jerry Springer.

Indeed, Springer’s talk show has often served as the scene of the fallout that ensues from secret relationships.

When asked for his thoughts on the Petraeus scandal during an appearance on Chicago’s “You and Me Morning Show,” which is broadcast on WCIU, Springer had this to say:

“I have always said that there is no difference between the people on my show and virtually everybody else. It’s just some people dress better, have more money, have higher titles, but this idea that just because people are of low income they are morally less than people that are rich and powerful – it’s garbage. … We like to say, ‘Oh those people on the ‘Springer’ show, we’re not like them,’ it’s garbage. The top people in the country are like them.”

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