Lake St. Louis Police Arrest Robbery Suspects After Chase

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LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Lake St. Louis Police Chief Mike Force is commending his department on a job well done after officers arrested six robbery suspects Friday afternoon. The chase ended around 3:00pm on I-64/Highway 40 at Mason Road in Town and Country. FOX 2 was the only news crew at the scene as a black male was handcuffed and hauled away by Lake St. Louis Police.  Eastbound traffic was at a standstill.

It all started at Von Maur in Lake St. Louis, where two men and four women were snatching high dollar goods from the department store. Force says the six were already wanted by law enforcement for various similar thefts.

He explains, “This week, we’ve had a serious problem with them.  I mean, it’s pretty bold to walk into a store, take things right in front of people, with customers there, and just run out the door.”

When police arrived at Von Maur, things quickly progressed.  One suspect assaulted a store employee and was arrested on the spot. The others fled in two cars, one of them stolen. One hit a police car.

Then, two chases. One ended outside the nearby Radio Shack.  The other sped east down Highway 40. That getaway car flipped, then a foot chase.

Force says, “They attempted to flee on foot. One of them actually tried to take another car.  He was tased, I believe.”

The man was hauled away by police, and a female suspect was taken to the hospital, complaining of back pain.

For the officers, it may be just another day, but Force is proud. 

“My officers did an excellent job in this case,” he says, “Six people running in six different directions with only two or three cops there to catch them, they did a great job.  They kept their heads about them.”

The Von Maur employee who was assaulted did not suffer serious injuries.

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